Great Lakes Dialysis

Great Lakes Dialysis LLC. (GLD) provides comprehensive dialysis services of the highest quality.

These services include outpatient hemodialysis (in-center and home-based) and peritoneal dialysis. (GLD) provides patient care at a higher level of quality and satisfaction.

We are committed to creating a compassionate, healing environment that demonstrates respect for patients and families.

(GLD) is unique, joining top quality, patient-centered care with easy access to a broad range of highly skilled medical and surgical specialists.

To best meet your needs,(GLD) is dedicated exclusively to the care and treatment of dialysis patients and has a special focus on your satisfaction, comfort and convenience.

  • Human beings have a natural desire for self-determination and have choices in determining the quality of their lives
  • Patients who are responsible for their care benefit from increased confidence and self-esteem
  • The plan of care should be developed, supported, and carried out by all members of our health team including patient, family, nurse, physician, social worker and dietician
  • Patients, together with their families, should be involved in decision making and goal setting
  • Care should focus on the whole person, acknowledging that each individual represents a complex interaction of body, mind and spirit.